CleanSpark Announces Immersion Cooled Bitcoin Mining Farm

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  • CleanSpark will implement immersion-cooling systems in its 20 MW Norcross, Georgia, farm.
  • The company said it expects the move to lead to a 20% increase in mining efficiency.
  • Liquid immersion cooling has been demonstrated to yield greater hashrate capacity than air cooling, the current industry standard.

Bitcoin miner CleanSpark will implement a 20-megawatt (MW) immersion-cooled project at its Norcross, Georgia, facility, the company said in a statement sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The Nasdaq-listed company said it had already purchased the necessary technology to be installed gradually, with the first 8 MW expected to go live in February.

CleanSpark said it expects its bitcoin mining efficiency to increase by at least 20% through the new data center’s immersion cooling approach. The system differs from the current standard in the bitcoin mining industry, air cooling, and has shown promising results in increasing output while cutting down costs.

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