Millennial Millionaires Own Bitcoin and Want Mor

Millennial Millionaires Own Bitcoin and Want Mor

The vast majority of millennial millionaires own bitcoin and are planning to increase their holdings next year, according to a new survey conducted and reported by CNBC.

The survey polled investors with $1 million or more in investable assets to uncover that 83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrencies. More than half (53%) have allocated at least 50% of their wealth in cryptocurrency, while about a third have at least 75% of their investable assets in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

While younger generations are piling up in the asset class, older millionaires have bitcoin in a much lower percentage of their portfolios. The survey found that just 4% of baby boomers own cryptocurrency, and over 75% of Gen X investors haven’t allocated a single cent into bitcoin or cryptocurrency altogether.

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